Ich hab da mal eine Frage… / I got a question…

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  1. olivergassner:

    Well usually you are supposed to answer these questions, but as someone asked me:
    ” @oliverg http://twurl.nl/wnucjn genau die frage bekommen wir in der letzten zeit auch öfters gestellt…wie sag ichs einer 4 jährigen?”

    Basic rule is:
    “Tell the basic things, add details until the kid stops asking.”
    Kids will ask exactly as much info as they feel they can digest.

    So (targeted to 4 year olds):
    * Babies grow in the tummy of their mommies
    * You need a daddy and a mummy to have a baby (usually, details and variants do not matter here 😉 )
    * In the tummy of mommie there is an egg and daddy has semen, when they get together a baby can grow
    * They get together when mommy and daddy are really close to each other and love each other really a lot

    This is usually the spot where 4 year olds stop asking.

    Just keep to the facts but don’t get all biologically detailed. The details are dictated by the questions of the kids.

    Oh, and have your facts straight 😉 (I met a woman who was 22 or so who actually thought … oh, doesn’t matter 😉 )

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