Ich hab da mal eine Frage… / I got a question…

2009 18 Feb

Who invented the bagpipes?

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Wer hat den Dudelsack erfunden?Who inve

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  1. Glenn:

    Although the bagpipes are very popular in Scotland, they were no invented there. The original home of the bagpipes was most likely Asia Minor. It is possible that the Thracianns invented them. They are believed to have been brought to the British Isles by Caesar’s legionaries. In the Middle Ages the instrument was better known as the sack pipes. There were several instruments that were similar to the bagpipes that were played in western Asia, North Africa, and the Balkans. But bagpipes are well-known throughout Europe, from the Galician “gaita”, through the Breton “biniou” to the Swedish “Sackpipa”.

    In conclusion, the bagpipes were not invented in Scotland. They were brought to Scotland from Asia and soon became a very popular instrument. Today, the bagpipes are very well-known to Scotland and many people associate bagpipe player as men in kilts from Scotland. The bagpipes are now a symbol of Scotland.Hope This Helps,,Auf Wiedersehen,

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